Munch Play Gully Cricket Win Signed Cap jersey and More Exciting Prize

How to Participate 

Step-1 For Participation Visit Here 

Step-2 Fill Your Name Email Id .

Step-3 tap on Get passcode Button.

Step-4 You will Received On Passcode on Your registered Mobile Number . Enter Your passcode the submit Button .

Step-5 Now Select Your Favourite Ipl Team 

Step-6 Make More runs in Two Overs 

Step-6 Redeem those for Signed Merchandise .


General Instructions and Conditions

The engagement and the rewards to be redeemed are refreshed on a weekly basis.

“Week 1” is defined as the dates from 03.04.2022 00:00 hours to 09.04.2022 23:59:59 Hours

“Week 2” is defined as the dates from 10.04.2022 00:00 hours to 16.04.2022 23:59:59 Hours

“Week 3” is defined as the dates from 17.04.2022 00:00 hours to 23.04.2022 23:59:59 Hours

“Week 4” is defined as the dates from 24.04.2022 00:00 hours to 30.04.2022 23:59:59 Hours

“Week 5” is defined as the dates from 01.05.2022 00:00 hours to 07.05.2022 23:59:59 Hours

To earn rewards, one must register using their mobile number and enter the passcode which they receive via Short Message Service (SMS)sms. and enter the Play & Win section

Once registered, they get to play the games on the microsite (link) and get five attempts in total for the particular week. The score accumulated during these attempts can be used to redeem the rewards in in the ‘Redeem Rewards’ section. Scores would reset after end of everythe week.

The score accumulated in a week is valid only for that week and the rewards must be claimed within that week. For example, if a partcipant accumulated 200 runs in Week 1, he/she needs to use it to redeem the rewards within week 1. Scores are reset at the end of the week 1 and Week 2 score will be zero.

There are a total of four rewards which can be redeemedwon during each week including Personalized digital celebration with stars, Digitally signed(By Team players) Jersey, Digitally signed Cap (By Team players) and meet and great with T20 stars (Virtual or physical)

The rewards can be redeemed with the points accumulated by playing the games described above. The Participantsuser shall be contacted for the delivery of merchandise or Meet and greet only once these rewards are redeemed in the Redeem rewards section.


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Munch Win Gully Contest Win Signed Merchandise
Munch Win Gully Contest Win Signed Merchandise