Sprite Joke in Bottle Offer Win Amazon Prime Membership Free

How to Participate 

Participants wishing to enter the Promotion can do so only through
The Participant can participate subject to the following terms:
Step 1: Buy a Sprite (400ml, 500ml, 600ml and 750ml PET) Promotion Product.
Step 2: Scan the QR code on the Promotion label to visit the official Sprite
WhatsApp channel.
Step 3: Press Send on the autotyped message on the Sprite channel to begin
talking to us. A link to Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy will be made
available here as well. By continuing in the conversation, it will be deemed that
you consent to the Terms and Conditions, and to the collection, storage and
Classified – Confidential
processing of your personal information as per the Privacy Policy provided
Step 4: Engage with the WhatsApp channel to listen to jokes by some of India’s
top comedians. You can choose to listen to jokes in other languages and on a
variety of topics.
Step 5: Collect points for engaging with the WhatsApp channel and use these
points to climb up the leaderboard and win.
To earn points, you can perform any of the following activities on the official
Sprite WhatsApp channel:
1. Listening to Jokes – One (1) point for each new joke consumed. Valid
once per joke.
2. Reacting with Laughter emoji to the jokes – One (1) point per joke
Participants can react to a joke any number of times, but they can
earn points only once per joke and only on laughter reaction.
3. Referring friends to participate – Five (5) points per referral, credited
to referrer only when referee visits the Sprite WhatsApp channel and
enters referrer’s unique Referral Code. Participants can refer any
number of friends. Two (2) points are also credited to referee when
they use referrer’s invite code to complete the referral.
4. Profile Completion – Five (5) points when participants complete their
profile using the Update Profile option.
Step 6: If you are a winner, you will be notified instantly via a WhatsApp
notification. You can redeem your Prize(s) using the voucher code(s) &
redemption link(s) available in the notification.

Prizes and

1 Month Amazon Prime Membership

Promotion Period 

This Promotion will commence at 00:00:01 am Indian Standard Time (“IST”) on
15th March 2023 (“Start Date”) and will continue until 15th June 2023 11:59:59
pm IST (“End Date”) (“Promotion Period”).


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sprite joke in A Bottel Offer Win Amazon Prime Membership Free
sprite joke in A Bottel Offer Win Amazon Prime Membership Free