AGAMI QIYI Warrior W 3x3x3 Very Smooth, High Speed Stickerless Cube




The QiYi CUBE, also known as the NewIsland Lightning, is, in my opinion, one of the best and most underrated cubes currently on the market, especially considering it is so inexpensive. The cube has a buttery smooth feel similar to that of a Moyu WeiLong, with the slightly more stable feel of the Moyu HuaLong. This, combined with the slightly clacky sound of the cube makes it extremely pleasant to play with. This cube is extremely fast, so some users, especially those with more aggressive turning styles, may find this cube difficult to control. Highly Stable Smooth Turning and Tension Adjustable Corner cutting on this cube far exceeds what any user would require. The cube can easily corner cut well over 45 degrees, and reverse cuts about 3/4ths of a cubie. Out of the box, the cube was rather blocky and catchy feeling, so lock-ups were occurring frequently. After breaking in, however, this issue has disappeared almost completely. Furthermore, I have never received a pop on this cube. Corner twists are not an issue on this cube, either, though I have experienced one or two during solves. Overall, I think this is an excellent speedcube, and I would recommend it to any cuber that is comfortable controlling fast cubes like the Moyu AoLong V1, the FangShi GuangYing, or the Yuxin 3×3.

Additional information



Ideal for

Boys, Girls

Minimum Age

3 years



Battery Type

0 No batteries Battery



Battery Operated


Product Width

56 mm

Product Height

56 mm

Product Depth

56 mm

Product Weight

110 g


56 mm


56 mm


56 mm


110 g


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